Hopes and Dreams works together with local in-country partners, usually Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), to bring desperate communities access to clean, safe water and improved health.

The benefits of our programs are so much more than just bringing water to a community. It’s often said that “water is life”.

These benefits include:

  • children have a greater chance to live past the age of 5 because they do not fall sick due to water related diseases,
  • Why get Involved with Water?children can go to school instead of spending hours going back and forth to get water from an unclean source,
  • women and children do not have to walk great distances and at times be exposed to sexual predators.

What our in-country partners do

Our partners play an integral part in our projects to ensure a successful implementation:

Partner 1 identifies the location of a community who needs access to a clean water supply, undertakes analysis of the communities current conditions, arranges a site assessment, contracts local drillers to drill the bore-well, co-ordinates water testing and assist with project management.

Partner 2 provides the water equipment which is one of the latest in water technology. The equipment includes a submersible solar powered pumping system, 480 watt solar panels, a tank stand with a 2500Lt tank and a tap. This solar powered pumping system is among the most efficient and simple pumps in the world. The system can pump water all day, the excess water is stored in an overhead tank. Solar pumps are low maintenance, require no manual operation and uses clean renewable energy.

Partner 3 transports and installs the equipment, takes samples for water yield and water quality testing and provides training in equipment maintenance.

The community nominates two local residents, who help install the pump and are trained in basic repairs “Pump Minders” training.

Partner 4 performs water quality testing in a laboratory plus provides hygiene and sanitation training to the key community members.

Partner 5 Hopes and Dreams provides governance, project funding and overall project management.

All our projects have the expertise of a Hydro geologist who performs borehole testing to determine the water yield and water quality. We take steps to ensure that the water is fit for human consumption and this process also allows us to meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.