Do YOU want to make a difference?

Do YOU want to be part of something bigger than yourself? The time is NOW!

Why not get involved and take up the Hopes and Dreams ONE Challenge?

The ONE Challenge is about YOU or your Business, participating in something life changing, by making ONE small sacrifice, that makes ONE big impact.

The ONE Challenge:

For an individual, YOU contribute the equivalent of 1 days income. It’s ‘ONE day’ out of your whole years wage/salary, this represents just 0.27% or YOU contribute just 1 hours pay per month and commit to monthly contributions for the year. It’s ‘ONE hour’ from your 160 hour working month.

For a Business, it’s giving away only 1% of your profits

Many organisations are doing this and see this as an opportunity to “give back” and an important factor to their continual success. In Australia the average daily income is equal to four month’s income of an individual living below the poverty line in India. Giving just ONE day’s income allows someONE’s life to be changed forever.

Hopes and Dreams needs support to transform the lives of more than 152,000 people who are living in the poorest areas around the globe.

Your choice to sacrifice ONE day or 1%, changes the future, not just for one person, but for their family, the wider community and the next generation.

We all have a moral and social responsibility to make the world a better place. Are YOU willing to join in our mission and take up the ONE challenge?

To be part of THE ONE CHALLENGE, email us at

Together we can change their world.