Upcoming Projects

Self sustaining solutions

We work with communities to develop long lasting practices in the areas of economic management and community health. Self-Sustainability for us means that the project does not require continual topping up of funds. As part of our model processes are put in place whereby the beneficiaries are given the skills through training and education on how they can do it on their own.

We coach and train our beneficiaries to run successful viable and independent micro businesses. From day one of running their small business the woman is generating an income that enables her to buy the next batch of stock for her on going trading. We educate by training the community in Pump Maintenance and in Sanitation and Hygiene.

We currently have projects that require funding for Micro Enterprise Development (MED) in Africa and India, as well as Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Education (WaSHE) in Africa.

Note: 100% of your donation / investment gets there and all contributions received are fully tax deductible!

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