We are involved in transforming lives by empowering people to break their cycles of poverty and by providing access to clean safe drinking Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Education (WaSHE).

Everyone has to eat (generating an income can enable one to buy food).

Everyone has to drink – without water one dies! You are actually giving life.

Hopes and Dreams Inc also supports MED – Micro Enterprise Development (aka Economic Empowerment).

The number of people impacted represents the number of lives transformed as a result of being the recipients of our loan opportunities and who now can make their own way out of poverty because they have a small viable business of their own.

Completed projects

MED South Africa
Year: 2016   |   People impacted: 5,835

MED India (A P Trayam, Buchumpeta, Karakuduru, Dummulapeta)
Year: 2015   |   People impacted: 1,250

MED South Africa (Jane Furse, Kabokweni & Nkomazi East & West)
Year: 2015   |   People impacted: 5,255

MED India (A P Trayam, Cheediga)
Year: 2015   |   People impacted: 350

MED India (A P Trayam, Rameswaram)
Year: 2014   |   People impacted: 150

MED India (A P Trayam, Chidiga, Repuru)
Year: 2013   |   People impacted: 250

MED India (Ameenabad)
Year: 2013   |   People impacted: 150

WaSHE Zambia (Chongwe, Chitemalesa)
Year: 2013   |   People impacted: 6,390

MED South Africa (Siyabuswa)
Year: 2013   |   People impacted: 5,200

MED India (Kakinada, Uppada)
Year: 2013   |   People impacted: 100

MED South Africa (BB Ridge, Nkomazi)
Year: 2012   |   People impacted: 2,520

MED India (Kakinada, Uppada)
Year: 2012   |   People impacted: 250

WaSHE Zambia (Kitwe, Kamakonde)
Year: 2012   |   People impacted: 12,000

WaSHE Zambia (Kabwe, Miswa)
Year: 2011   |   People impacted: 8,000

WaSHE Zambia (Luanshya, Twashuka)
Year: 2011   |   People impacted: 5,000

MED South Africa (Masoyi, Kabokweni)
Year: 2011   |   People impacted: 1,810

WaSHE Zambia (Kabwe, Susu)
Year: 2010   |   People impacted: 5,000