Why we exist

Hopes and Dreams exists for the direct relief of poverty, to bring basic human needs, social justice, self-worth and a sense of purpose to families living in poverty.

We believe Hopes and Dreams can assist in breaking the cycle of poverty for those who have been in this condition for years and even generations.

We don’t want to see children dying before they reach 5 years of age because of water related diseases and we don’t want to see people go to bed hungry because they don’t have an income that can support their basic needs.

We want to see people, who, for the first time, have a hope for the future.

Our Motivation

How we do it and What we do

How we do it What we do

Hopes and Dreams is inspired by Christian values, and as such is passionate and committed to making a difference to the world’s most vulnerable; people living amongst the poorest of the poor. We are compelled by our faith to practically demonstrate love, show compassion and bring hope. We work with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender to achieve community transformation.

Our Mission

Hopes and Dreams is dedicated to delivering self-sustaining, poverty breaking solutions through micro enterprise and water development projects in Africa and India.

Our Vision

We see a world where every person has access to clean, safe water and improved health. We see people’s lives transformed as we provide them a “hand up and not a hand out” as they make their own way out of poverty. We see people (women, children, families & whole communities) not walking in the same steps as their parents, but seeing them have a hope and a future.