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Hopes and Dreams is passionate about making a real difference to the lives of the poor, needy and desperate people living in the remote and rural parts of Africa and India. We do this by empowering communities through providing access to clean water and micro-enterprise opportunities.


It’s our desire to move people from being sympathetic or empathetic to being compassionate. Compassion goes beyond feelings of pity or sorrow for someones hardships or putting yourself in the shoes of another to imagine what someone else is thinking or feeling, it’s something that arises within when you are confronted with anothers suffering and your are motivated to relieve that suffering by taking action to help, getting involved, being part of the solution.

There are hopes and dreams deep down in the heart of all humanity, irrespective of being rich or poor .  It maybe; to get an education to have better opportunity, to want a different life for your children, to not be sick but enjoy health, to do something amazing or to have a brighter future full of possibilities and happiness.


We invite YOU to join our community where you can connect and belong with people who want to change the world.


We live in a world where:

  • 11 million children die every year before reaching their fifth birthday most from preventable causes. That is approximately, 30,000 children per day. Another 300 million children suffer from illness caused by lack of clean water, poor nutrition and inadequate health services and care.
  • An estimated 790 million people are still without access to safe drinking water sources (approx 11% of the world).
  • Globally, at least  2 billion people globally use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces (approx 25% of the world). In rural areas it’s up to 80%.
  • 4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines (that’s 1 in 3 people). More people have a mobile phone than a toilet.
  • Each day, nearly 2,000 children (under the age of 5) die due to preventable waterborne and sanitation-related illnesses- including transmitted diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and malaria,  (this fact, means one child dies every 45 seconds). This is unacceptable!
  • By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in ea water-stresses areas.
    “Sometimes we focus so much on the big numbers, that we fail to see the human tragedies that underline each statistic. The numbers can be numbing, but they represent real lives, of real children. Every child is important. Every child has the right to health, the right to survive and thrive, the right to a future that is as good as we can make it.
    If 40 school buses filled with pre-schoolers were to crash every day, with no survivors, the world would take notice. But this is precisely what happens every single day because of poor, water, sanitation and hygiene”
  • In Africa, 91% of the estimated 881,000 deaths were from malaria and 85% were children under 5 years of age.
  • 1 in 4 girls do not complete primary school (compared to 1 in 7 boys), because they must walk upto 8 km per day to collect dirty water.
  • The average person in the developing world uses less than 10 litres of water every day for their drinking, washing and cooking – average in the developed world is 200 litres per day.
  • 836 million people still live in extreme poverty, living on less than $2 a day.
  • About 1 in 5 persons in developing regions lives on less than $2 per day.
    Source: Unicef.org

On our own this problem seems impossible to address but together we can change this.

YOU are part of the solution.


Hopes and Dreams is convinced that we can break generational poverty and see lives transformed through what we are doing. We can give ‘hope’ to the hopeless and encourage the poor to awaken their ‘dreams’ and possibilities.

Hopes and Dreams focus on two key areas:

1. Bringing clean and safe water to communities, and

2. Assisting the poor with providing Micro Enterprise Development opportunities.

All of our solutions are self-sustaining with > 90% of funds received going towards the projects.

Together we can reach millions, ONE life at a time!  EveryONE has value.

Helping ONE person might not change the whole world, but it can, change the whole world for that ONE person.

Since established in 2010, Hopes and Dreams has impacted over 75,000 valuable lives.

Our Impact

Lives Impacted

Projects Completed

% of our funds going into projects

Making A Difference

Success Stories

Saving Lives

We are involved in transforming lives by empowering people to break their cycles of poverty and by providing access to clean safe drinking Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Education (WaSHE).

Everyone has to eat (generating an income can enable one to buy food). Everyone has to drink – without water one dies! You are actually giving life.

Hopes and Dreams Inc also supports MED – Micro Enterprise Development (aka Economic Empowerment).

The number of people impacted represents the number of lives transformed as a result of being the recipients of our loan opportunities and who now can make their own way out of poverty because they have a small viable business of their own.

Year Project Type Country Location No. of Projects                 No. of people impacted
          Africa Sth Africa India
2019 WASHE Zimbabwe Hunter Bar Old Mabvuku, District: Mabvuku   5680
2018 WASHE Zambia Yongolo, Province: Luapula, Distict: Samfya   6000
2018 MED South Africa 180 4,500
2017 MED South Africa Jane Furse, Kabokweni & Nkomazi  East + West 175 4,375
2017 WASHE Zimbabwe Gweru, Mabodza 1 2,950
2016 MED South Africa Jane Furse, Kabokweni &
Nkomazi  East + West
278 6,665
2015 MED India A P Trayam, Buchumpeta, Karakuduru, Dummulapeta 25 1,250
2015 MED South Africa Jane Furse, Kabokweni &
Nkomazi  East + West
129 3,105
2015 MED India A P Trayam, Cheediga 9 350
2014 MED India A P Trayam, Rameswaram 7 150
2013 MED India A P Trayam, Chidiga, Repuru 6 250
2013 MED India Ameenabad 3 150
2013 WASHE Zambia Chongwe, Chitemalesa 1 6,390
2013 MED South Africa Siyabuswa 54 1,340
2013 MED South Africa Siyabuswa 53 1,315
2013 MED India Kakinada, Uppada 2 100
2012 MED India Kakinada, Uppada 4 200
2012 MED South Africa BB Ridge, Nkomazi 51 1,285
2012 MED India Kakinada, Uppada 1 50
2012 WASHE Zambia Kitwe, Kamakonde 1 12,000
2011 WASHE Zambia Kabwe, Miswa 1 8,000
2011 WASHE Zambia Luanshya, Twashuka 1 5,000
2011 MED South Africa Masoyi, Kabokweni 27 675
2010 WASHE Zambia Kabwe, Susu 1 5,000
Total 1,013     51,020      23,260        2,500
Total people impacted       76,780

Upcoming Projects

Self sustaining solutions

We work with communities to develop long lasting practices in the areas of economic management and community health. Self-Sustainability for us means that the project does not require continual topping up of funds. As part of our model processes are put in place whereby the beneficiaries are given the skills through training and education on how they can do it on their own.

We coach and train our beneficiaries to run successful viable and independent micro businesses. From day one of running their small business the woman is generating an income that enables her to buy the next batch of stock for her on going trading. We educate by training the community in Pump Maintenance and in Sanitation and Hygiene.

We currently have projects that require funding for Micro Enterprise Development (MED) in Africa and India, as well as Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Education (WaSHE) in Africa.

Note: 100% of your donation / investment gets there and all contributions received are fully tax deductible!

For more information on these projects, please click on the images below.

You + Hopes and Dreams Inc

Why get involved?

– Leave a legacy (be part of something bigger than yoursef)

– Play a part in social justice & making a difference to the lives of tens of thousands

How to Help

Start a Fundraiser

A fundraiser is a great way to get involved and can be alot of fun. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Hold a casual clothes day at your workplace or school
  2. Start up a workplace giving pledge program
  3. Show support by ongoing sponsorship
  4. You personally decide to make a difference and give a once off contribution or make a commitment to making a monthly contribution.

Sponsor a Project

Consider helping by doing creative fund raising activities to:

  1. sponsor a Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Education project  to bring safe, clean drinking water to a village of 5,000 people for $15,000
  2. create a Self Help Trust Group, consisting of 10 women in India so each woman can run their own small business for $1,650
  3. create a group, consisting of 10 women in South Africa so each woman can run their own small business for $330


Hopes and Dreams is an organisation run purely by volunteers, so that contributions received are directed to our projects to serve the people who need it most. We are always looking for people with passion and a variety of skills to help us do what we do.

Why not get involved and make a difference with us? If you would like to be a part of the team, facilitating community development for people in poverty, please send an email to info@hopesanddreams.org.au detailing your skill set and your availability.

Become an Advocate

Why not get involved and join in championing our cause, e.g. become and advocate, use your social media preference; FacebookTwitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to spread the word with your friends, families and work colleagues.

Share our story – who we are, why we exist, what we do and the impact we are having.

Take the One Challenge

For an individual, YOU contribute the equivalent of 1 days income. It’s ‘ONE day’ out of your whole years wage/salary, this represents just 0.27% or YOU contribute just 1 hours pay per month and commit to monthly contributions for the year. It’s ‘ONE hour’ from your 160 hour working month.

For a Business, it’s giving away only 1% of your profits. Many organisations are doing this and see this as an opportunity to “give back” and an important factor to their continual success. In Australia the average daily income is equal to four month’s income of an individual living below the poverty line in India. Giving just ONE day’s income allows someONE’s life to be changed forever.

Find out more on our blog here.

Become a Strategic Partner

We always aim to partner organisations and groups with aligned synergies with our principles and objectives.

We follow strict governance criteria in selecting our grassroots implementation partners and projects. We invite socially responsible organisations to invest by partnering with us to provide self-sustainable solutions in the developing countries and reap the transformed lives as return on investmen.

Become a strategic partner (corporate or business) based on synergies between organisations.
Contact us by email info@hopesanddreams.org.au or telephone +61 415 110 055 to discuss how.

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Will you join us and change someone's destiny TODAY?